SpaceshipsMy Passion

I kitbash a half-dozen or so spaceships every year, displaying them sometimes at Supercon and either Scalefest or Wonderfest, and selling them in the Worldcon Science Fiction Convention Art Show, last year in Kansas City.

See four of 2011's ships in Space Battles, a film by Craig Pentak.

See the Zoitec Repair Ship XN772 in The Call, a film by Jonathan Zuck.

See what Dave Seeley can do with a few of my ships. And a few more.

See this ship and this one in a Dark Horse comic.

Watch a music video featuring three of my ships: DivX or WMV or You Tube.

See a Rag-tag Fleet ship in flight courtesy of Jeff Fennel.


The Worldcon 75 fleet, perhaps on display in Helsinki.


The MidAmieriCon II fleet, on display in Kansas City.


The Sasquon fleet, on display in Spokane.


The LoneStarCon3 fleet, on display in San Antonio.


The Chicon fleet, on display in Chicago.


The Renovation fleet, on display in Reno.


The Anticipation fleet, on display in Montreal.


The Denvention 3 fleet, on display in Denver.


The 2007 Archon 31 fleet, on display in St. Louis.


The L.A.con IV fleet, on display in Los Angeles.


The Cascadia fleet, not on display in Seattle.


The Noreascon4 fleet, on display in Boston. Three of which were in the Starshipmodeler Other Guys contest.


The Torcon3 fleet, on display in Toronto. To my fellow scratchbuilders: There's links to three places with vital supplies.


The ConJose fleet, sold in San Jose.


The Millennium Philcon - the 59th World Science Fiction Convention in Philadelphia. Like every Worldcon, it was lots of fun, what with visiting with SF authors, Regency Dancing, and sight-seeing.


The Chicon fleet of the last millennium. Includes an IPMS Nationals winner.


The 1999 Conucopia fleet contains several and Wonderfest winners, particularly, the 'Winking Tree Frog'.


The 1998 Bucconeer fleet.


The 1997 Lone Star Con fleet.

Ancient History

Ships I built before 1997.

In Construction

Things I'm working on, and might even finish. Someday. Maybe.


Spaceships made from model car kits.

Ravenstar Studio

is Chris Lynch. He creates and sells resin-casts of some way-cool spaceships.


Ships named after spamfighters, who were a thing before we all got highspeed internet and let our ISPs filter-out the email crap (or not).

"The spam wars are about rendering email useless for unsolicited advertising before unsolicited advertising renders email useless for communication."
Walter Dnes/Jeff Wynn

The pond. Mistakes. Successes.