The 1997 Fleet

Just some pictures from a few of the 1997 fleet... Click on the picture to get a page with several expandable thumbnails of that ship.

[Mantee-Class Assault Lander] Mantee-Class Assault Lander
Also pictured in "Great Scale Modeling 1998" from Fine Scale Modeling.
An exercise in converting wedge-shapes into a 'ship. Enjoyed playing with camouflage and heavy weathering.
[Sowerthe f'Quarwe Escort Fighter] Sowerthe f'QuarweEscort Fighter
A large (for me) fighter that thus allowed me to weather panel lines.
[Orange Freighter] Freighter
Copied as best I could (which isn't very!) the Battlestar:Galactica freighter from SciFi Hollywood.
[Master Arca's second ship] Hoersch-Kessel Delaya-Class Courier
Downloaded a 3d "picture" of this ship, originally from a Star Wars comic. Downloaded a 3d-to-VRML converter, and a VRML Netscape pluggin. Then copied (fairly close, this time) the rotatable VRML model. Guess where the canopy came from.
[Eirkobra fighter] Eirkobra Fighter
SOP for converting an airplane to a 'ship: space-apart the fuselage, mount it upside-down and backwards, add detail, and do a weird camouflage. Which airplane? Hints: Name, and gun-pod mount.
[Long-haul Freighter] Long-haul Tug
Another exercise in asymmetry. Like all SW-ships, assumed balance along one axis unimportant, but had a heck of a time balancing left/right. Got a chance to repaint it August 2004.
[Green Freighter] Green Freighter
What to do with a 1/32 Tornado leaflet dispenser (I guess!), already bi-laterally separated and marked for segmentation? I mean, who could resist? Well, not me, obviously.
[Prototype Escort Fighter] Prototype Escort Fighter
First pass at a miniature, castable, Sf Escort fighter. Too neckless for my taste, but everything else about it I liked. Liked the next miniature I did better, though.
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