The 2005 Cascadia Fleet


kcg front2 - 231KB

K'Siegii Ship-killer

Reliving the joy of pure kit-bashing, all within seven inches.
bow - 71KB

Ion Cannon Frigate Jack Nobles

What happens when you get around to noticing the toilet paper holder you installed 13 years earlier.
aft - 60KB

Fleet Support Freighter Skrzynka

An appliance light cover almost builds itself.

Apanok Reconnaissance Fighter

Something you can do with a phone and way too many mech parts.

Fralthi Battleship

Yet Another Fralthi, this time for the student film, The Torrellian Stone.
Earth Battleship Exelon

Earth Battleship Exelon

A ex-freighter, "repurposed" for The Torrellian Stone.
Rebel Blockade Runner

Rebel Blockade Runner

Just like, well, almost, Joe Johsnton designed and depicted in the first Star Wars Sketchbook. Starshipmodeler Star Wars Contest Second Place Winner.

Kleines Etwas

An attempt to build a ship quickly - Hey, don't we all want instant gratification?

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