1998's Fleet

Well, the only reason I had the first two ships already for Bucconeer is that I forgot to pack them for LoneStarCon2! Oopsie... Again, click on the picture and get a page with several expandable thumbnails of that ship. Markings available from Archer Fine Transfers.



Just playing around with cylinders and boxes.



Another "started something, put it aside, picked it up and made something else" ship.

[Big Blue]


I tried to copy the corvette, above. Really, I did. This 3-footer saw the IPMS 'Nats and the Worldcon. Note the ancillary craft docked on top (sold separately).

[Kennedy-Class Heavy Escort]

Kennedy-Class Heavy Escort

Yet another copy of the corvette, above. Docks with Big Blue.

[Foerc-Class Shuttle]

Foerc-Class Shuttle

Like the Kennedy, it's painted in the same colours as Big Blue, and it docks with it. Also has swing-wings.

[Spune-Class Shuttle]

Spune-Class Shuttle

Fixed wings, and no docking collar, yet very... related to the Foerc.

[Tetreault-Class Fighter]

Tetreault-Class Fighter

Originally a Monogram P-51B, I displayed it at the IPMS 'Nats with the rest of my 'ships so it failed to be noticed as a "modelfy" entry. Oh, well...

[Vervair-Class Fighter]

Vervair-Class Fighter

Another ex-P-51B, named after another person of integrity. :-)

[BG Lander]

BG Lander

What you get when you cross a Galactica shuttle with "Betty".

[TB Transport]

TB Transport

Dentists may have good reasons to recommend one toothbrush over another, but so do I.