Misc. ships from days long gone
Only a few uploaded...
A Star Wars Liner I love seeing old ships of mine. Some are pretty good - Like this one, inspired by a picture in a single panel of a Star Wars comic.
An old ship of mine... These pictures are of a ship I built... I don't know how long ago. The owner is not the person I sold it to. Better still, it is a "working" spaceship - Used as a game playing-piece.
IG2000 Top With articulated wings and mandibles, who could resist? Just one of the many wonderful Star Wars designs from the "Vehicles" book.
SVGA Fighter Remember the fighters from old spacewar computer games? They were very simple - maybe just a series of pyramids, with one corner very elongated, and maybe some wings thrown on for good measure. Well, that's where I started - but then I added too much detail. Hence, a hi-res, or SVGA, fighter.
Narn Destroyer Built this for LACON, 1996. What makes it a Destroyer instead of a Cruiser is... most of the details are different, and it only has two engines instead of three. Fortunately, JMS was far too busy to see it in the Art Show and snag it. :-)
Wild Rose This is a [poor] copy of somebody else's ship,"The Wild Rose", that LEX, Ltd asked me to copy so that they could send mine to a toy fair in New York and not risk their sole shooting model.
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