Awtoes - Spaceships kitbashed from car models


Since 2006 I've enjoyed kitbashing car models into spaceships. It gives me a chance to let the plastic have more of a say on the outcome. There is one main technique I use:

  • Use as much of one car kit as possible.
  • Fold the top over or under the back such that the wheel wells overlap.
  • Fill the wheel wells with a tube with an internal black globe inside each end, as if it were an anti-gravity device or a power generator.
  • They all (save 1) get the same style lettering, from sheets custom made by Archer Fine Transfers.

Shuttle "Avon"

Looks a bit like a Jalopy.

Fighter "Boris"

Looks a bit like a Jalopy.

Medium Fighter "Cheri"

First kitbashed car model.

Heavy Fighter "Gauls"

Second kitbashed car model.

Racer "Japal"

The tiniest of ships, with a big bold stripe.

Fighter "Riga"

Yet another Awtoe because I think they're fun.

Shipkiller XV741

Made almost exclusively from one parts donation.

Awtoe Fighter "Avon1"

Ford Mustang + computer mouse + blue -> Cop car

Shuttle "Boris"

A custom pizza delivery truck turned upside-down

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