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Things started but not finished.
abandoned nude aft (1492KB) abandoned nude bottom (3040KB) abandoned nude front (1409KB) abandoned nude nose detail (1555KB) abandoned nude shuttle decks (2713KB) abandoned nude side top (1682KB)

Abandoned Freighter

Made out of a 1/24th scale heavy dump truck and a piece of black plumbing pipe. Engines are very much a blank canvas. I could do-up a douple of turrets for it. This guy is pretty big at 27 inches long.

Circa 1990.

angular front corner (3922KB) angular side (1796KB) angular top (3863KB)

Large Cruiser

Started and abandoned decades ago. Pods are supposd to be Galactica-like fighter launch bays. Features a sexilly narrow neck and a featureless backend.

Dimensions: 15x15x6 inches.

big nude port top (2542KB) big nude starboard aft (2161KB) big nude starboard bottom (1846KB) big nude starboard bow (3102KB) big nude top aft (1416KB)

Big ship

Needs more detailing in a few places, maybe a couple of large turrets. Physically, it's huge: 26" long, 12" wide, 7" tall. And it has two shuttle bays. They just don't build'em like this anymore (circa 2007).

boarder class reaver 1 basic form (26KB) boarder class reaver 3 view2 (51KB) boarder class reaver 4 better (39KB) boarder class reaver 5 better (33KB) boarder class reaver 6 (44KB) boarder class reaver 7 (48KB)

Reaver Boarder

  • Inspired by the Reaver Fighter, this time I used a 1/72 C-130 kit. Main wing-roots were mostly cut-away, the nose was lopped-off, and a cylinder replaced the loading ramp. Ran a box-like slab of plasticard through the wheel wells, ending it on either side with a wing-cross-section-shaped plasticard and a portion of the C-130's horizontal stabilizer. My favorite part - Put the nose halves beneath the wings to look like VTOL engines.
  • Mounted boarding hooks in the fuselage ends to give purpose to the open holes flanking the ship's chin. Now the ship looks like a boar from the side. Built some interiors and attached a Ravenstar Juno JE-12's engine (just try get any more of those). At this point the basic shape is done.
  • All I need is to solve a couple of "problems" and do some surface-texturing, if all I want is a fairly boring shape. How to turn an limited-imagination boring design into something more distincitve and interesting?
  • Could have taken hints from Joss Whedon's proto-Serenity, the Betty from Alien: Resurrection, and mounted the leftover C-30 tail wedge above the engine, but decided instead to put it atop the head, making it look a little like an Alien Queen. Inspired by this picture from Sean's tutorial on building Serenity in Lightwave, I built a "reaction control tower" for the engine out of a 1/144 B-52H engine (1/72 looked too big for this ship, but was perfect for this one).
  • All this stuff atop the ship looked a little out-of-place; I needed some more stuff up there, so I added some 1/12 Corvette wheels to be some really beefy VTOL engine intakes. All I need now are a bunch of spikes and stuff in a few places and some texturing!
  • All the shiny beefiness makes the nose claws look scrawny. Lets move those back to the wings and build something bigger to hang off the nose!
  • But now the backend looks like it doesn't fit; It's too wee! Andrew Gorman to the rescue; Now I have some I-know-not-what's, the bottom halves of ancient B-25 engines, to beef-up the tail.

Dimensions: 18x11x6 inches.

hero1 (2202KB)


hero 1 (2202KB)


klingon orig (4805KB)


rescue 1 (186KB) rescue 2 (131KB)


tan fighter basic (2454KB)


tanker 1 (2889KB) tanker 2 (1431KB) tanker 3 (2693KB) tanker 4 (2675KB) tanker 5 (2759KB) tanker 6 (1565KB) tanker 7 (2462KB) tanker 8 (2979KB) tanker bottom (2369KB)

This hulk is so old...

...that it is made out of stuff I don't even use anymore. Like Plastruct square beams. Clear styrene sheets. And it has lights!

Most of the parts are from an AMT tanker truck, with a smattering of 1/32 Tamiya Tiger and 1/72 Tamiya Thor. It used to have a huge deck in front but it broke off. Its biggest problem now is that it is boring. It needs some sticky-out bits to break-up the uniform width.

Hmm... I wonder... The Cylon Tanker would have been a fairly boring ship were it not for those landing decks. Should I cut some chunks out of this guy?

Dimeniosn: 34x7x6 inches.

unicorn nude aft (100KB) unicorn nude bottom (56KB) unicorn nude bow (62KB) unicorn nude side (56KB)

Ion Cannon Corvette something

Yet another ship purportedly built around a single huge gun, inspired again by the Ion Cannon Frigate from Homeworld, as it has once or twice before. And it's not just me. Alfred Wong and Feng Zhu have gone there, too, but I seem to be the one who can't stay away.

The main reason for this visit was that this Awtoe had a printer-toner-cover-sized hole in the front. After cutting the cover in half and rejoining it side-by-side I had to add a pipe to cover the seam and two more and a fuel tank to fill the gap beween the toner lid and the car body. And then the wing on top just seemed to fit against the fuel tanks, and the wheel hubs just nestled behind that. Alas, afer all that serendipity a section of computer mouse found itself attached to the front.

From the side, the ship appeared to go up, across, then down, so I subtly enhanced the down at the tail look with some stubby wings.

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