The 2000 Chicon Fleet

Corvette FP680 Corvette FP680

First of a new style for this year.

Frigate FG829 Frigate FG829

Too bad I'd glued-on the nose before I realized it would have looked better upside-down.

Battleship FC342 Battleship FC342

It started as a freighter to go along with Big Blue Mercifully, it didn't get near so big.

Cruiser NH104 Cruiser NH104

Some nice shapes and proportions. Built from a Czech tanker.

Adrian S. Bruce.jpg Corporate Probe L2 "Adrian S. Bruce"

I tried to copy one of Adrian's excellent ships. I don't think I did it justice, but you be the judge.

Carrier 369.jpg Carrier 369

Sort of a cross between my usual kind of ship and a B5 Earthforce destroyer.

Taiidan Fighter Taiidan Fighter 369-4

Inspired by one of the ships from the game Homeworld.

Interceptor Interceptor

It's wonderful being able to get a headstart on a ship by modifying a casting. An IPMS Nationals winner.

Heavy Fighter.jpg Heavy Fighter

I wish another movie like Alien: Resurrection would paint a ship in a style I could copy every year.

The whole fleet - 5kb The whole fleet

A group shot before packing the lot off to Chicago. You might get some sense of their relative sizes.

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