The 2003 Torcon3 Fleet


This year I did a little experimenting with A+B Epoxy to make some Kow Yokoyama-esque ships. That is, ships where I joined a lot of odd shapes and blended them together with A+B Epoxy, just like Kow does. See how he does it here, then follow the links. He also did a neat spaceship that way, but you can only see the pictures: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. A couple of people made a resin kit of it, bs7xelql (again, follow the links in the box at the bottom) and kiyo.

Kolus Incarnadine

This was the first Yokoyama-esque. What, with the red color, it looks a bit like across between a lobster and a twig. A Wonderfest Silver Award winner.

Counter Insurgency

The second Yokoyama-esque. Another single-seat ground-assault ship with lots of guns and missile-pods.

Camouflaged Attacker

The third Yokoyama-esque. A jolly excuse for a camouflage paint job.

Interdictor O'Connor

A fun kitbash, and one of the first to incorporate "strategic material" - Parts I've been saving for years for "just the right ship", which I've finally decided should be spent, now. A Wonderfest Bronze Award winner.
Prowler Nassar

Near-Space Prowler Nassar

One of those ships that just sort of falls together.

Freighter Texas

Inspired by Juliano Redígolo's Transport Ship Gigantic It was a fun, if small, project, that gave me a chance to use some of my favorite colors.

Andromeda Fighter

Ships that are just engines around a cockpit and a gun are kinda fun. What makes it better is being able to paint it Tough Hombre Lavender.

Longrange Ravenstar Defender

For several years now I've incorporated pre-fabricated components in some of my ships. This is the first of two ships which are Mostly pre-fabricated components.

Ravenstar Defender

A mate for the Longrange Ravenstar Defender.

So, where do I get my raw materials? I found three fabulous places this year...

  • Craft King features two sizes of cones, called megaphones, and psuedo-hemispheres. These hemispheres are not strictly half-spheres, they're more like third-spheres, but they come in diameters ranging from teensy-weensy to nearly an inch. Get the bulk lots, they're worth it. But don't bother to order them by e-mail, it doesn't work. Fax (didn't try that) or phone. Trust me.
  • Craftics has acrylic tube. Be sure and get the thin-walled stuff. And get some of the [flatened] hexagonal bar, too. Or bars with an equilateral triangle cross-section, or isosceles triangle cross-section. They also have a new product, Sonnex acrylic reinforcing block, that are right-triangle in cross-section, but the ends are angled to a point. Four, glued together, would make a rectagular box with a four-sided pyramid at each end. Dandy cargo pod. Use their search for "1106478". Keep in mind that although they accepted and shipped my order, on one of their pages they state orders less than $50 get $7.50 added.
  • Learning Things sounds like a science project supply store, but... Well, it is. It also has plastic test-tubes in a variety of sizes. Very recommended.

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