1999's Fleet
The RFG Special

The RFG Special

The perfect spam-fighter pocket-rocket, and my attempt at a Kow Yokoyama-esque 'ship. And the fancy stuff in the web-page took twice as long to build! To enjoy it, you need Netscape 3.* or 4.*, or MSIE 4.*, and enable Javascript.

The SJS Sobol

Assault-Carrier SJS Sobol

One of only two capital ships this year, it may also be the brightest. See how wings/fins are the cheapest and fastest way to give a ship character.

BlightyFighter side

Blighty Fighter

Another spam-fighter, this one inspired by Star Trek: Insurrection.

L-9 Combat Shuttle

An asymetrical lander. The title comes from the shape of the ship and the shape of the markings.


The other direction the Winking Tree Frog could have gone.

The Winking Tree Frog

The Winking Tree Frog

"Judges Choice" winner in StarshipModellers Starfighter Competition.To me, this ship has the most character. And I liked the colours, too.

Golem, aka The Flea


Boxy, yet kinda cute, with lots of slab-sides, yet lots of detail, too. Does it look more like an ancient fish than anything else?

Federation Light Cruiser

Federation Light Cruiser

My favourite 'ship from Phantom Menace was the Federation Cruiser. Here's a twin-engine version with guns. Also, two pictures of the 'ship nude.


Early Son'a Cruiser

Inspired by the bad-guys cruiser from "Star Trek: Insurrection", I made it from two Flamingo swizzle-sticks and some odd bits of plastic.

G-Leaf Fighter

G-Leaf Fighter

Just playing-around here with asymmetry. Kinda looks like a "G" from the top. And the panels are kinda leaf-like. I liked the green and yellow.

The Skull


My attempt at an "organic" ship.

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