Fleet Support Freighter Skrzynka

Had so much fun building the Freighter Texas I decided to build another, bigger, out of an appliance lamp cover. The nose section is so unmodified the panels at the bottom are attached to the tabs that held the cover in to the appliance, and the detailing on the top is attached to plasticard glued in to the existing hole in the cover. The boom is acrylic tube with sections of styrene tube attached and two wedges of plasticard holding it to the nose. The structure at the aft end is two plastic whistles, same as I used on the Federation Light Cruiser. When I was building it there came a point when I had to decide if it was a freighter or a warship. Were it a freighter, the two acylic rods atop the whistles would be the only engines, much like Juliano Redígolo's Gigantic Freighter. But big engines looked sooooo cool...

I airbrushed Floquil NYC Jade Green over most of it, then brushed-on Model Master Armor Sand. What I should have done is airbrushed the Jade Green, then masked-off large sections with non-permanent labels like I did with Battleship FC342 and Big Blue, following up with another color or the Armor Sand. Had I, I wouldn't have needed the eye-like decals on the nose. Decals again were alien writing from JBot, the same as I used on last-year's Freighter.

Dimensions: 13x3x4 inches.

Scalefest picture. And another.

side - 44KB
top - 42KB
aft - 60KB
front - 58KB
Nude - 39KB
Pre-dirty - 38KB
Bottom - 39KB
Another aft - 102KB

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