[Big Blue - full side view]
[Side view of Big Blue]
[Top Front of Big Blue]
[Front Side of Big Blue] [Back Side of Big Blue]

Bigger's better, right? Well just for grins I built a "better" ship, almost 3.25 feet long. So big I had to lop-off the fins from the back of the engines to get it to fit in the car. Too big to fit in the paint booth, I had to airbrush it in the garage. Speaking from experience, big is its own reward. No more, no less. That being said, I did like building "studio size" ship, because I could use almost any part to decorate it. In fact, the bigger the part, the better. Pretty much, anyway.

Painting was an unusual experience, not just because it took so much paint, but because I had to plan ahead where the different colors would be and paint those areas appropriately. Then mask them with different sizes of non-permanent paper labels, and then paint the body. Look to 2004 to see another paint job like it.

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