Freighter Texas

One day a friend of mine told me about a fabulous modeler's fabulous website. Mostly robots, but a couple of spaceships. Deserves a look. So I went, looked around, and was amazed. Especially by his gorgeous frieghter, Transport Ship Gigantic. Juliano Redígolo built the inspiration for my freighter, Texas.

Mine started with a plastic "candy corn"-shaped container I from which I lopped a wedge. The boom is two diameters of plastic tube, the engines, two more. The rest of the ship, like Juliano Redígolo's, is mecha parts, primarily. Painting was a little like Alfred Wong suggested in his StarshipModeler weathering article in that I sprayed it black as the base coat, then Turquoise, but not completely. I left the detail parts and some patterns on the cargo pod with the black showing through. I then sprayed the interior of the blue patches NYC Jade Green to add a little more depth to them.

Overall it was a fun project once I quit trying to find a cargo pod exactly like Juliano's.

Bow - 32kb
Top - 28kb
Side - 24kb
Side - 20kb
Bottom - 28kb
Nudes: Top - 18kb
Bottom - 22kb

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