Battleship FC342

FC342 side view - 19kb

FC342 bottom - 16kb

Another bottom view

FC342 top - 18kb

Another top view

And another

FC342 front - 38kb

Another front view

FC342 nose - 17kb

Another nose view

FC342 aft - 28kb

Unpainted bottom

Unpainted aft

I built this to go with Big Blue. It used some of the same components - The square boxes along the bottom. They were a donation of the Fort Worth Public Library. Scarry, that librarians are dedicated to protecting books, yet in one branch alone they go through 20 boxes of staples a year.

The panelling is similar to Big Blue's, too, made by using removable stickers as masks. The green color is the same, but I used brown because I really liked the beautifully-painted Arktorion Troop Transport that Anthony Froh built and submitted to's Gallery.

Thinking I was finished painting FC342, having applied the gray, green, and brown, my Art Director (guess who) looked at it and said I needed something to tie it all together. As she's always right, even when it comes to spaceships, I added the yellow stripe.

The main body is the top-front of an old Testor's tanker truck. The kit came with the tank divided top from bottom, but also front from back, so that it could be built as a... very short tanker. The similar shape above and abaft of it was two-thirds of the bottom of the fuselage of the Czech kit-bashed spaceship-kit. The rest of that fuselage I used on NH104.

The two main engines are Juno JE-12's, courtesy of Ravenstar Studios - Write Chris if you want some, too. They're a real time-saver.

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