Federation Light Cruiser

side view
bottom view
My favourite ship from "Phantom Menace" was the "Federation Cruiser", even in its pink "Ambassador" livery. So, I built a twin-engine version. As always I used a lot of sheet plastic and tank-treads, but the more interesting bits are toward the back. front top view

Unpainted top view
All the hemisphere-shapes are eyeballs. Well, plastic ones, anyway. Every year between Christmas and New Years Audrey's Crafts store has a half-price sale. Last year I went crazy and bought huge bags of plastic eyes for dolls. At the same time I bought bulk bags of little plastic megaphones (two sizes).

Unpainted side view
The engines are two plastic whistles, with an eyeball on the front and a megaphone section as the engine. The guns are from the Airfix 1/72 scale P-61 Black Widow, mounted on a computer keyboard key.

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