Many years ago I built a capital ship, painted in two shades of silver, put it on a moon-cratered base, and... It didn't sell.

Ok, I camouflaged red and green, painted the base green with red craters and... It didn't sell at a regional con.

For many years it collected dust awaiting remodeling. Rediscovering it this year, I stripped-off the paint, pried-up the conning tower, plucked the engines and some of the wings, and started over. Keeping in mind last year's Shiksaa and Rokso I added two Ravenstar engine/gun modules, bigger wings, and gun-packs beneath the fuselage. Paint was like the Gilyeat but in two-tone blue, FS Blue and RLM 24 Dunkelblau. The yellow stripes were from a 1/48 scale F-14.

Much better, yes?

Of course, now I'm wondering what it would have looked like if I'd made it not so much like an airplane with wings, but a helicopter without wings...

Fighter side view - 17.1KB
Fighter top view - 23.9KB
Fighter bottom view - 25.3KB
Original, paint stripped

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