Rokso Space-Superiority Fighter

I had so much fun with the Shiksaa I thought, hey, maybe I could use the same technique again! The nose is a Monogram 1/48 Banshee, the tail a bird-feeder. The wings... Therein lies a tale.

Look at the top view. Pretend the outboard two-thirds were on the opposite wing, making each wing angle forward, with a rounded trailing edge. That's how it was for several months, until I sliced them off, and rotated and swapped them. That little bit of remodeling turned lame-wings into fairly interesting wings. No, not all remodelings work so well!

As for the color... At the last Wonderfest Vince Hoffmann took two pictures of Shiksaa. The second picture came out in a color which I wished I'd actually painted it. Now was my chance, with the Rokso. Besides, I already had a blue ship and a green one. And what color goes good with the great in-between color turquoise? Think "southwestern". Purple(actually, Model Master Napoleonic Violet)! And to make it look like it goes with Shiksaa, I painted a few panels in Model Master FS34092 European I Dk. Green. Can you believe it, it was hours later before I thought, "A rough, tough, bad-ass turquoise fighter? Will you be bringing enough for everybody to have a smoke?"

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Front - 20.8 KB Port - 20.6 KB Top - 25.7 KB Starboard - 21.2KB Bottom view
Starboard front view

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