Shiksaa Space-Superiority Fighter

This ship, believe it or not, started off to be a copy of FG829. But once I put the cone-shape thingie on top, and added some stuff to it to give it an excuse for being there, the scale was slightly spoiled for a capital ship. I couldn't find a "nose" I liked after adding the neck, so I thought, what the heck, let's put an airplane nose on it. At that point there was no going back to a capital ship.

The nose came from a 1/48 A-1 Skyhawk. I wanted to change the scale to 1/72 in order to help disguise its origin, so I did something I hate doing and built a rudimentary, to be sure, cockpit interior.

You can blame Kow Yokoyama for the rest of the construction. I've long admired his style, even way back while building the RFG Special. The rest of the construction... I had to put larger downward-angled wings on it, in keeping with it's new scale. The long anime-esque gun-barrels are stuck in the cockpits of 1/72 Airfix F-4 Phantom noses. The engine is a roll-on deoderant dispenser. The chin guns are brushed-aluminum cologne caps. The larger cabling is a "round-wound" guitar string with the inner wires removed. The rest of the cabling is elastic gift wrap, superglued it's entire length after attachment to make it stiff so that it won't bend and allow subsequent paint to flake off. The sensor pod below the nose is a florist's stem-rose resevoir.

Painting is inspired, of course, by Homeworld, the computer game, and every spaceship that's ever masqueraded as a WWII fighter. The predominant colour is "RAF Azure blue" (the pictures don't do it justice), with some Ghost Gray panels outlined in pencil, "Intermediate Blue", dark gray, and "Marker Red" - a slightly brighter red, which precludes the use of "Insignia Red" decals as they don't at all match.

The real Shiksaa

For someone in the first ranks of the SpamWars, precious little is known of Susan Wilson beyond her name, and that she drives a car in my favourite color. And that in almost no time at all she's become the most respected and consulted of the anti-spammers. She modestly, if inaccurately, claims technical ignorance, yet she is famous for her resourcefulness. Fellow anti-spammers needing that last bit of information to identify a spammer call upon Susan because she has a knack for finding spammer-data in obscure government sites. She's documented her investigative techniques - and findings - at the Corporate Records Search by State and Register Of Known Spam Operations.

Awards: Squadron Scalefest Third place; Wonderfest Merit Award

Front 32.1 KB Starboard - 21.2KB Top - 24.2 KB Bottom - 21.6 KB
Port-side view
lower-aft view
nude top
nude side
nude bottom
Nifty Wonderfest picture,
Vince Hoffmann's pic

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