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This, the smallest of the Garies, started as a 1/72 scale Bf 110 that I had finished 30 years ago and then destroyed because the fuselage was too rough to stay an airplane. I glued spoons onto styrene sheet, trimming most of the sheet to fit. I spaced them apart the width of the fuselage, which turned-out to be the same width as a fire-starter trigger - The same kind I used as a conning tower on the 2011 Tanker. Below that is one of those super-small finger lights that is the perfect size to be worn on a finger. The front of the bottom is a electric toothbrush cap, the same as on the front of this year's Gunship 578, because it neatly fit the Bf110's cockpit hole. The aileron shapes are there to cover the Bf110 wing roots. The narrow wings on the bottom suggest a willowy ship, as one might think a yacht would. It wasn't until I had finished the construction and base-coated it that I realized I had kitbashed a miniature upside-down Siege Cannon.

Bold blue and white paint helps sell the whole "yacht, not military scout" idea, I think. Solid white ovals would have looked better than the three white stripes, but I didn't want to spend the time getting them right. The windows are supposed to define a "huge observation deck," with dubious success, I should imagine.