Gunship 578

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The front half bottom of this ship started as a resin piece I picked-up years ago to which I added a Voskod fuselage half heated and spread. The middle body is four Airfix BAC Lightning fuselage halves mounted to a common plate one of three such assemblages originally build for a large Klingon ship.

It took me awhile to decide front and back, ultimately electing to make the huge-diameter siege gun arrays larger than the engines.

What attracts me most to this ship now that it's finished is the scorpion decal. Funny thing, the only reason it's there is that I screwed-up the number placement, leaving space next to it for the scorpion. What strikes me as most ridiculous are the fins to the side. I mean, the ship needs something there to break-up the silhouette, but these things are just begging to get broken.