Frigate FG829

FG829 side - 19kb

FG829 bottom - 18kb

FG829 side - 17kb

FG829 top - 20kb

FG829 nude - 19kb

There's usually one ship every year that sets the tone or defines the style of decoration for the rest of the fleet for that year. This is that ship. I've described that style with FG829's sister-ship, Frigate FP680.

This ship started with my favourite cone. I ground-off one edge, and glued to it the angled-ends of two plexiglass tubes. From there I would add a couple of pieces, then add some more to round it out. The last thing I applied was the nose, and it was this part I wish I had to do over. I should have rolled the nose over, so that what because the bottom of the ship would have been the top. The nose would have hung down even with the two "FG" half-tubes, and the computer keyboard-key just behind it would have been the conning tower, sort of. Would have needed to move the wings, maybe, or angled them down. Oh, well. Maybe next time.

Of all this year's fleet I though all the decals worked the best. Amazing how much some blocks of paint and lots of big decals break-up otherwise uninteresting surfaces. Up to now I've always figured you need detali to make a surface interesting. Gotta remember to use paint and decals.

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