The RFG Special

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Move the mouse pointer over a piece of the big picture and see a description of that part.

DSSL - Dynamic Shield and Sensor Lens

Of the two shield systems onboard, this one refracts energy weapons discharges, allowing in only harmless radiation.

DSSL - DynamicIP Spam Sources List

Like IMRSS, it is a list - but of dialup addresses.

IMRSS - Interlocked Mass Repulsion Shielding System

Of the two shield systems onboard, this one blocks projectiles

IMRSS - Internet Mail Relay Services Survey

A self-funded all-volunteer project that maintains a list of so-called Open E-mail Relay Servers on the Internet. This list may be queried dynamically from various sites via the Unix nslookup command, making this service ideal for blocking unsolicited junk E-mail which frequently is forwarded from open relays.

LART - LAser Rectification and Targeting

The main weapon of all Guilmette-Class snubfighters, if fired at close range it can temporarily disable all small fighters and most transports. The "RFG Special", as part of its customisation, has had one of them replaced by a MALLET.

LART - Luser Attitude Readjustment Tool

To apply it is to offer knowledge to the recipient - occassionally in a painful manner. Spammers, unfortunately, become immune, and even appear to thrive on LARTings. But, like anything else, repeated application by enough people can drive even the most unrepentant spammer to repentance. Or so it is fervently hoped.

MALLET - Massive Anti-particle Long-range Linear Emission Technology

The long barrel allows greater range in delivering an accurate and devastating beam of highly-focused cluons. Note the distinctive component arrangement, with the long barrel flanked by twin exciter coils, visible (in other pictures) as a cylinders above and below the barrel - reminiscient of a mallet.

MALLET - Tool with which to flatten a spammer's nads

Coined by Bill Mattocks, the recipient of the first "Golden Mallet Award" for... serious malleting.


A product of E-SCRUB Technologies, this device is a 100%-secure communications system, allowing the pilot to obtain accurate and timely situational updates without compromise from external energy sources or enemy ECM.


A product of E-SCRUB Technologies it is a mail filter that automatically maintains a list of addressees who have confirmed a desire to correspond by responding to a message sent them by Deadbolt the first time they sent email to the client system. With this system legitimate correspondance can occur free of the distraction of spam.

Bogon Range-finder

Utilizes sensitive Bogon-radiation detection technology to accurately acquire and lock onto targets.

Bogon Range-finder

Where a cluon is the smallest particle of a clue, a bogon is smallest particle of anti-clue, the presence of which has the effect of dampening any nearby cluons. In Real Life, if you've known anyone around whom others are forced to do stupid things, then you've found a bogon-emitter. A dilbertian pointy headed bastard (PHB) is a typical culprit


The "RFG Special" has the standard Guilmette-Class engines replaced with larger ones to compensate for the extra weaponry and equipment.

Generators (port and starboard)
Auxillary Generators (port and starboard)
Auxillary Generators
Main Sensors
Main Sensors
Cluon Range-finder

A low-energy particle, hitherto overlooked in weapons technology, is used to good effect to identify enemy targets based mostly on the absence of this particle.

Cluon Detector

The smallest particle of a "clue", roughly translatable to "good sense" or knowledge. The rare presence of several people together who all demonstrate a degree "cluefullness" indicates that one or many of them are cluon-emitters. To identify the actual emitters, look for someone who seems to encourage knowledge and good sense in others.

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Ronald Guilmette was a hard-working systems engineer, applying his energy and eloquence in his spare time to the question of personal freedoms and property rights - Before The Wars. When called by conscience to defend his world against the increasingly frequent pirate attacks he designed the ideal vehicle for the challenge, the basic Guilmette-Class snub-fighter. More, he founded E-SCRUB Technologies to build and distribute his fighter design, a small, low-cost counter-insurgency fighter, not unlike several other such ships built independently galaxy-wide.

The Guilmette was quite successful for many years in that role. However, as the number of combat missions mounted, Guilmette came to realise that changes were necessary to keep-up with the enemy's ever-evolving tactics.

About this time Alan Hodgson, who had developed a very effective shield system, nick-named "Dorkslayers", found that he could no longer continue its manufacture and maintenance. He was based at the time on the planet BC'Tel. The local government, succumbing to threats from one of his opponents, exiled Hodges and closed his facilities, but not before he was able to transfer to Guilmette the designs and manufacturing plans for Dorkslayers. Guilmette, with the aid of many fellow designer-pilots such as Sam Varshavnik (inventor of MAILDROP), redesigned the shield system, naming the new system IMRSS. Shortly thereafter he developed a complementary system, DSSL. Guilmette installed IMRSS and DSSL on a specially-modified Guilmette-Class snub-fighter, to which he'd already replaced one of the standard-issue LART's with a MALLET, installed the E-SCRUB Deadbolt secure-communications system, and added auxillary generators.

A testament to Guilmette's brilliance and determination, the "RFG Special" was operational in just a few months. Production of the IMRSS/DSSL add-ons ensued quickly, and have been deployed to defend single-seat fighters and capital ships alike.

Descriptions courtesy of the denizens of startrek.expertforum.ricksternbach David C. Baker, Graham Kennedy, lANCE "yakaspat", and Tim Nix.

RFG Special Port
RFG Special Aft
RFG Special Starboard
RFG Special Aft
RFG Special Top

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