According to the owner,
"The FEX01 is a ship that I am using in a science fiction role-playing game called "Mekton" The universe is based on the Japanese anime program called Mobile Suit Gundam."
Front view of fex01a

FEX01 Specifications:

LOA: 470m
WOA: 80m
HOA: 82m
Mass:15000 metric tons

Construction completed UC:0401.155 (2401-June-6)

This ship is an experimental FTL system design created by Anaheim/Stellar Corporation. The Federal Earth space fleet asked for an FTL system that would boost the translight speeds of their starships by at least 200%.

The design has several unusual features.

The FTL system is contained in a pod separated from the ship. The separate system protected the ship from the increased radiation that the high-powered FTL system produced.

A fusion-reaction impulse drive was installed instead of the standard gravitic-reactionless impulse drive. Gravitic drive systems interfered with the FTL field dynamics, making the ship uncontrollable at high FTL speeds. back view of fex01a
The FEX01 has no installed hardpoints, and thus has no capital weapons. A new power transmission system is installed on the ship. This allows the mecha to hook into the main power plant to boost their weapon's power dramatically. Thus the mecha become the ship's "turrets".

The FEX01 was pressed into service by the Federal Earth Fleet in 0401.178. It was the only ship that could pursue the newly discovered Nexus ships. Two ace squads of mecha pilots were put onboard. Although the FEX01 was badly damaged in the final conflict, it was deemed a strong success by Federal Earth.

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