Gunboat 93

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This is one of those ships that started-off bravely before it stuttered to a stop. Each half of a jet fusalage was glued to plasticard, rotated 45 degrees from each other, then separated by more plasticard and a tank upper hull. More aircraft fuselages were added atop and below. A large opening abaft and below could have gotten a detailed engine but got a classic NCC-1701 Engineering hull half. Just to make sure nothing was sacred, C-3P0 donated a back and two feet to the middle. Each ankle supported an F-4 Phantom fuselage section, making two obscenely huge retrofit guns. All this hot mess got a sprinkling of details and then laid dormant for a couple of years.

After finishing last year's Garies and having a ball doing them, I painted this guy similarly with Africa Dunklgrau (dull tan), Depot Buff (dull yellow), and ATSF Red (brighter than Insignia Red), and RAF Ocean Grey on the guns.

All in all, it turned out to be a fairly interesting background warship - Distinctive, if modestly designed.