Awtoe Assault Ship "Gaul"

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Yet another ship purportedly built around a single huge gun, inspired again by the Ion Cannon Frigate from Homeworld, as it has once or twice before. And it's not just me. Alfred Wong and Feng Zhu has gone there, too, but I seem to be the one who can't stay away.

The main reason for this visit was that this Awtoe - A Mustang, I believe - had a printer-toner-cover-sized hole in the front. After cutting the cover in half and rejoining it side-by-side I had to add a pipe to cover the seam and two more and a fuel tank to fill the gap beween the toner lid and the car body. And then the wing on top just seemed to fit against the fuel tanks, and the wheel hubs just nestled behind that. Alas, afer all that serendipity a section of computer mouse found itself attached to the front.

And there the ship sat, unfinished for ten years. A couple of years ago I started painting it, getting as far as a black basecoat and drybrushing brown, before abandoning it again. I think it was because the unicorn horn/gun just looked silly. After working on the Wolftrap building/gun/satellite set pieces I saw this ship stuck in my discards basket and thought, you know, with a little bit of detailing and new paint, this guy could look alright. So I added a little more detail (only a little, because sanding-off paint so the parts would stick is way tedious), and again, we're off to the races.