Awtoe Shuttle

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On the way back from MidAmeriCon II we stopped at several "Antiques" malls and, as is my wont, I looked to see if they had any model kits cheap. I found a Pie Wagon and thought it might make a different kind of Awtoe than the usual. It had no wheel wells so I didn't need to do any chopping and folding to make it stop looking like a typical car. All I had to do is flip it over!

That done, I distributed some of the detail parts around the fuselage, and... Done! Except now I had a boring box with a high droopy tail. What better way to circumvent a pointless blaa of a ship than by repurposing the seats as legs! Makes no sense, but atleast there's some sort of design to it now.

As with the Avon1, painting was a little hurried, so I went with my second-favorite standby color, ModelMaster's Pale Green.