Awtoe Avon1 Fighter

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When good ideas go bad... I like to build 'ships out of car kits. The trick is to cut them mid-body and fold the top over the bottom such that the front and rear wheel wells line-up. Well, the last day of Wonderfest I bought a car model from one of the dealers. I know what you're thinking, "A car model? At Wonderfest???" The build went quickly, but I always drag my feet on painting. I was in a rush to finish it for Fencon, so I went with my favorite color, ModelMaster's Intermediate Blue. Needed an accent color, could have gone with orange or yellow, but decided to stretch my wings a bit and went with White.

Decals - Awtoes, as I call them, always get rub-on decals made for me many years ago by Archer Fine Transfers. I chose red because it was the first one I came to.

Lightly weathered, flat-coated, done! And then I looked at it again.

Excepting the dragon on the nose, I just built a bloody cop car!