Destroyer 522

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This is another ship started years ago but never finished, based on three pictures of something named "konjoo". First I had to remove stuff, like the nose canards, the black engine in the center, and the F-4 Phantom wing. That left me a fairly clean slate to go to town on.

I added an electric razor to the bottom, offsetting the cap to expose the interior details. I had these large triangles so I added them to the front to echo the triangles of the engines. Then I had to add some narrow wings to the engines to... I don't know. Just to look right? Then it was Detail-City, Arizona (Reginald Perrin reference).

Painting was fun since I already had panels demarked to paint yellowish within, and I got a chance to do some sections with my beloved Intermediate Blue. Decals were all numbers and red stripes, with one dragon on the nose.

Overall, a fun little diversion, and a callback to my pre-Garies kitbash style.