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The first of my nine "Garies" departs right off from his style in that it doesn't have a ship hull as the main component. Instead I used a zeppelin, and then apologised for it by covering most of its surfaces. And, although my style has hithertoo been to never use spaceship models in my spaceships, I was pleased to be able to use a Classic Enterprise engineering hull bottom as the nose. This ship is also the only one I put turrets on.

I chose the decals to be slightly different from the rest of the ships because, as the first of the "garies", I expected it to look different from the rest of the ships - My style would adjust as I built successive ships. It was also one of the last ships I painted. The base color I chose early on, but couldn't find any areas for slightly different colors. In such a situation, I fell back on the BF109 school of decorating.