Gunboat 41

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My favorite pictures of spaceships are ones that look buildable. Whenever I spot them on the web I save them against the time that I need the inspiration. I swear that the picture that inspired this ship predates where it is now, but it stuck with me for years. (If this page is right, the image was made by well-known mech-designer Junji Okubo.) I started building it when I ran out of other inspirations and found the upper fuselage part, a slice out of a plastic champagne glass, backed by a makeup container. The solar panel is a section of the bottom of a take-out container from our favorite restaurant, Mi Cocina. I painted it gray, brushed-on Tamiya clear blue, then rubbed-in black.

Judging by the name of the original, the ship was supposed to be white. Well, you know me, THAT just wasn't going to happen. What did happen, though, was that as distinctive as the ship is, I used it as inspiration for a sleeker successor.