Siege Gun

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I wanted to do smaller than a freighter, more of a fleet tender, a relatively small ship that would transport material between ships in a fleet. That's why I started the two cargo pods above the two guns-that-were-supposed-to-be-fluid-tanks. And that thing under the command module? That was supposed to be a connection to more cargoe pods.

But then I didn't like the flanking cargo pods (something that should be DEAD SIMPLE) and I didn't want to experience the tedium of building different cargo pods to extend from the center of the ship. So, what to do with a clunky, large-scale ship?

A PT boat! A tiny boat meant to sink capital ships! Eureka!

But wait! I already built one of those this year. I guess this has to be... A planetary bombardment ship!

Not so farfetched, when I had the forsight to build the command pod big enough to have a pair of big windows in front and multiple side and ceiling windows so that the small crew that had to man this thing had the opportunity to while away the hours between bombardment and the ineviable capitulation gazing upon... Whatever.


Of interest are those windows. "Smoke" (ink diluted by Future Floor Wax) sprayed over the clear plastic then masked-off, so that you can almost see through them. The rest of the painting was fun, too. I sprayed green or brown on several areas of the ship, then masked them with oval labels, like I did way back with this bad boy and his little brother.

Also of interest may be the green pod under the engines in this shot - A Scotch tape dispenser, playing the part of some sort of generator. My regret is in the same picture - I put that rectangular piping on the side so I had something to glue the blast deflectors to, which, ironically, nullified the angular shape of the original part, and made much of this ship an exercise in "stack the boxes".