Liner N211AS

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I wanted to make a smaller, sleeker version of the Shark so I kitbashed another cheap Lindberg kit, this time the Nautilus, turning it upside-down and backwards and lopping-off the top of the new tail, replacing it with a Tic-Tac box. Engines from a 1/48 Sikorsky HH-53 seemed to fit the curve of the hull perfectly.

The wings were from a 1/72 F-4 Phantom. My first inclination were to use little nondescript stubby things, but this section flared-out in back to the same degree as the engines, so I went with them. I was also unsure about the truck exhaust stacks along the edges of the box, but spacially they seemed to fit. After that it was just fill the spaces with miscellaneous details. I even managed to use a section of the submarine's deck along the bottom.

Painting was inspired by an old ship of mine, the "Southwestern Thumb", atleast so far as the colors, purple and green, go. This time, however, they added nothing to the ship. I could have gone with a gray bottom and any other color on top like I did a few years ago and have had it look at least as good.