Assault Lander

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This started as a weird alien fighter, with three engines underneath and weapons mounts on the side. It turned into what Worldcon attendees confidently identified as a Firelfy, probably because of its sloping neck, the "things" sticking-out at the sides, the box on the bottom, and the silver-like color.

After throwing-on some of the silver parts from the Chemical Plant Construction Set because they just seem to fit, I didn't think it looked alien anymore. And the bottom-back screamed for a box with the front and top at a 90-degree angle and wide enough to give the arms an excuse to stick-out so far. After that it made sense to think of the ship as a Starship Troopers-like Dropship with a detachable pod containing a ramp in back and way too much detail overall.

Painting was fun. It was only a week before Worldcon and I was running a little short of time, so after the gray primer I failed to spray/brush black everywhere the primer couldn't reach. Subsequent dry-brushing of tan and light olive served to just tint the gray, making the ship look like it had mostly lost its paint, especially after a very light-gray dry-brushing to the edges of things. The windshield is just black painted-on after the final Dullcoat, with the central divider then masked and dry-brushed.

The blast deflectors beneath the engines exhausts started cracking during painting, so I ended-up cutting them off. Otherwise, it was a fun build that served to remind me that no matter how odd a part is, paint will blend it all together.