Blockade Runner

aft aft top port2 starboard aft starboard bottom starboard front basic basic2 unused wing2 unused wing3 unused wing5 unused winged1 raw bottom raw side raw top basecoat bow basecoat front side basecoat side basecoat top side side unweathered top unweathered mounting points
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Bored one day I thought to build a slightly more portable Rebel Blockade Runner out of an Aurora 1/48th TBF Avenger turned upside-down and backwards, and a Martin Mariner treated similarly. I enjoyed covering Guilmette Interceptor with pieces of aircaft panels so I did it here, too. Toward the end of the build I though the top aft was still looking a little empty. I didn't want to cover-up the fusealge with panels there so instead I put a large wing-like radiator, ala Scout Jim Nevermann. Just over the engines I had a chance to use the feet I cut off the Harrier.

I would work on it sporadically whilst I was putting-off finishing anything else, until one day it was called to duty as a mothership. Had it not been for the "white with red stripes" requirement it would have been painted... No, SW-esque "Blockade runners" are painted just this way. Although I try real hard to not paint my ships in classic themes, this one had to be, and doesn't suffer fo it.

When I got it back from it's film shoot I repainted it, decalled it, and sold it to Dave Seeley who kitbashed it for a book cover.