Pirate Fighter

nose nose top port top starboard bottom starboard top mount point top unweatehred side unweathered bottom unweathered fighter basecoat fighter pre basecoat fighter main structure
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It started with the unusual, cobbled-together Reaver ships from Serenity. And a desire to see if I could make a decent ships using parts from primarily one model kit, in this case, a 1/72-scale Osprey. Parts of the Armageddon Russian Space Station were the perfect fit for engines. And the wings-on-sticks would be the perfect place to tie skeletons.

The build was going pretty fast until it came time for the skeletons. Couldn't find any good ones, and this was a part that had to be very good. So, into the Unfinished stack it went.

Six years later a someone needed ships for his web-series and chose this ship for his Pirate Space Fighter. I de-Reavered the wings and put them right on the shoulders. He wanted the ship to be white with acid-green stripes, but I talked him into light-gray which, after weathering, is very-much dark-gray, which on screen looks... White!.

And it wasn't until I'd finished that I noticed that the head and neck were Firefly-like.