High-Boost Interceptor

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It started as a rocketship-shaped water pistol. I shaved-off the pistolgrip, then covered-up all the stupid Buck Rogers textures and found out I had nothing distinctive left of the original. So, just like the L'Barii Fighter I made some wings that would completely disrespect the original design. And there it languished a couple of years.

After the Ma.K Narwhale I wanted to try an even more extreme ship, component-wise, and resurected this one. For the first time I built a ship that I couldn't completely glue together before painting. The inspirations were Ma.K, of course, but also anime (BFG and strap-on boosters) and Bye Bye Jupiter, a very high-quality SFX film, one of the ships of which I had the chance to see live at a Woldcon 30 years ago.