Drayman Transport Mk.I

starbord top front aft bow port front bottom2 port front bottom components basic primer front primer side primer top masking tape masked paneled panels
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The original Drayman was efficient for its time, combining a cavernous cargo hold with near-luxurious crew quarters and passenger berths. It was considerd state of the art before the War, bearing no weaponry.

My first computer game was Wing Commander. I've built several ships inspired by it, mostly Fralthi Cruisers, like this one and this one and this one. One of my favorites, though, was the little, seldom seen, Drayman-Class freighter. I built one once, back before I took many pictures, making it look quite a bit like the original, even down to the paint scheme. Having become inured to any structural sensitivities by years of watching Star Trek, I can appreciate what makes the Drayman design so interesting.

The Drayman has contrasting shapes. It has two wing-mounted engines, Enterprise-esquely off-center, and distinctively curved. The fuselage is two blobs on either end of a boom. So, in this the first of a series of variations on the Drayman, I kept the overall shape and curved wings. The other thing my first two Drayman variants have in common is that the cargo pod of two of them is made from parts of plastic toilet paper holders, exactly like the Ion Cannon Frigate Jack Nobles. They also have some sort of radiator/antenna thingie in the first two ships made from a pink razor.