Tanker Pakajak

aft left side right top side front top front left bottom side bottom top side front right aft bottom side left subassembly1 subassembly2 unpainted front unpainted top primer beak
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While building the RTF I thought about a more traditional Rag-Tag Fleet ship, one that was fairly long, much wider than tall, and made with a higher content of Tamiya armor kits. Great plan, anyway. What I actually built was a tanker made from a Panzer VI anti-tank platform flanked by tanks made from Shuttle main fuel tanks laminated to an X-31 tilt-rotor-esque plane. A future RTF ship will be made from a ship hull, who's least-usable section is the bow, so I lopped it off and made it the neck of this ship. A styrene tube provided some draft visible below the tanks. Tipping the throat is a pair of speeder-bike nacelles.

I built it and got it mostly detailed when I showed it to some friends asking them, "What part to I need to fix?" Obvious to all, it was the bird beak. It was fine before I let myself put two eyes in it, and again after I hooded them. Goes to show you can't always go with your first impressions.

Finally finished construction. If I squint just right I can almost see the ship, but it's suddenly easier with a primer coat. But what color will it become?

Green, of course! I love green. Why, some of my best friends are... No, I guess they're not. Anyway, I added purple stripes as background for the largest of the last of my JTGraphics decals. The red just takes-up some of the wide expanse of green. After all that garishness the weathering is actually some of my most delicate. Just a little black-ink-in-Future along some of the seams and where I imagine seams would be. Dry-brushing. A little smoke on some leading edges and engines. A whole can of Testor's Dullcoat - The $3.99 can at Hobby Lobby, not the $4.69 one. Finally, done.