Corvette Ram

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Ram decal
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You know me - If it worked the first time, do it again. Pretty much the same brief as with the Dragonfire - Using mech parts, build an attack-helicopter-analog - With the additional requirements that it has to be the same class of vessel as the Dragonfire. Easy-peasy. Scrounged up these components, ignoring until it was too late that the part that gave me wing mounts was not symmetrical the way I was using it. Oh, well. At least it went together quickly.

But look what happened. Making the back much bigger than the front created a smaller-scale ship. Where it's predecessor could have easily been a two-man vessel, the Ram became, at the very least, a Corvette-Class vessel, just because of the overall proportions.

Operating under the assumption garish paint masks a vessels true shape, and this has nothing to do with the color of the sky on my planet, I set upon the poor ship with a small brush and a lot of red paint, perhaps inspired by an EirKobra (say it out loud) I built ten years ago. The head embellishment was a "Ram On" decal from a sheet handed out free to all the attendees at an IPMS Nationals. Also note the wings. Adding the overlay and extenders to the basic boring wings vastly improved the overall appeal.