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The first estate sale of a model-builder I've ever attended netted me lots of kits, half-built kits, boxes of parts from kits, and a 1/72 scale Corvette. As I mentioned with the Dragonfire, a lot of parts become too many when you spend all your time pawing through them instead of using them. Awtoes help me focus on just the parts that came with the donor kit, sending me into the parts bins for incidentals. Again, in just a couple of hours of dithering and half-watching TV, the main form was together. Several more hours later, and it was finished.

Different from the other Awtoes, this one has no guns, but does have a windshield and fins. The initial color choice was Desert Tan overlayed with yellow, in case I finished it in time for StarshipModeler contest at the time, Yellow. Good thing I didn't - Way too many way better ships already there. As the scale precluded calling this thing a freighter, and it lacked obvious guns, one of the few roles left it was racer or shuttle. I figure the green stripe obviates the choice, the lack of advertsing not withstanding.