She'Pah'Dae Corvette Epic

top front
top aft
raw detailed top
raw basic aft
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raw detailed side
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Testing the old adage, that art is what's left when you've removed everything else, I thought to build another She'Pah'Dae Corvette Teph, leaving out all that wasn't the essential Epic. I think they must have been talking about something other than spaceships.

There's still a uniqueness about this ship, though the forward hull still a mechanical candle lighter, the wings still from the B5 station, just shortened. The rest of the fuselage is the upper air scoop from the A-7 Crusader II, flanked by mech feet. Or maybe ankles. As if it matters.

The paint scheme is similar to that of the Teph. Basically, a basecoat of green masked with 1/4-inch drafting tape (does anybody use that anymore?) before the blue is applied. More of John Lester's Alien Text decals. Mercifully, I STILL can't copy a ship, even one of my own.