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Funny, the people who influence you.

I attended a regional Science Fiction convention, ConDFW VI, back in February. One of the Guests of Honor was Bob Eggleton. He mentioned his blog, Art-a-day, where he displays and sells a small painting he did in one day, a new one every day. I imagine he started it because otherwise he'd only work on large projects, spending too much time on portions of a painting where it didn't matter. I suspect it's a problem common to many modelers, too. Especially me. I'd already embraced J. Michael Straczynski's goal, paraphrased: "To be faster than anyone better, and better than any faster". But Eggleton had a good point: If quality work is practiced, then the more practice you can cram in, the quicker you'll be better. Hence this, the first "Ship-a-day".

Of course, I'm not all that good, and certainly not that quick (but we all need dreams). This one took a day for the basic shape - The fuel reservoir from a mechanical candle lighter, pieces from a B5 kit, the chin scoop from a A-7 Crusader II. Another couple of days to add parts to tie together the primary components. Several days to paint. Another to add some of John Lester's wonderful Alien Text decals. Another to weather.

Still... I finished one!

Ok, ok, so why did the ship even start looking like this, right? Well, one of my best ships earlier - One that practically built itself, one that Real Artists LIKED when they saw it at the Worldcon was the K'Siegii Ship-killer. Amusingly, I can't even copy one my own designs all that well.