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The "Holy Grail" kit for a lot of us is the Falke by Kow Yokoyama, kind of a Huey Cobra in the SF3D future history. Done right it is gorgeous, but this is my rendiiton. Mine, too, features P-38 Lightning engine booms, but that's pretty much all they have in common.

Once freed of the desire to copy Kow's, a simple thing like flipping his upside-down and backwards just made sense. Especially since I was having no luck cobbling together a canopy, gattling gun, main engine, and golf-ball anti-grav devices. So, yes, I'm taking liberties calling mine a Falke when it shares only one design feature with Kow's. I feel, however, that I improved upon the original by replacing those goofy perforated paddles with real airplane fins supported by tail-wheels. I can hear him now, "Why didn't I think of that!"

As far as paint scheme goes, WWII German aircraft was the original SF3D motif, but I wanted a dull US Army military brown. The original BF-109E yellow nose and wing tips was out because I had this nifty dry-transfer I wanted to put on the top, and the yellow in it would have clashed. Could have gone with white, but prefered blue. Weathering was a coat of Future Floor Wax, dirtied with a drop of blank ink per 1.5 ounces of Future, because I loved the effect when Terry Miesle demonstrated it at Wonderfest.

So, meet my sorta Falke wannabe.