Awtoe Heavy Fighter "Gauls"

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Second of my Awtoe kitbashed cars, this time, an '84 Mustang. Before I'd even finished the Awtoe Medium Fighter "Cheri" out of a Monte Carlo I started this old Mustang kit.

Once again, I foolishly thought I knew which direction it was going - Even got the engines glued-on! - Just to find out that I now had to make the engines be some kind of honking huge guns. All because the nose I didn't use on Cheri I used here. And used the right way it made a nice curve of the top line. Best I can tell, anyway.

Again the basecoat is black, followed by a dry-brushing of Dunkel Blau and, on the raised parts, azure. Painted some panels of SAC Bomber Green and some nice red stripes.

Dimensions: 10x3.5x3.5 inches