Awtoe Shuttle "Avon"

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Back in the day, I could finish a ship in a couple of weeks or so, making the Awtoe series nostalgic for me. This, the latest in the series, is being finished just days before the Worldcon, where it and its sister ships will find new homes.

There are doubtless some car models which won't make good spaceships - The Chevy Fiero being very nearly one of them - And I was afraid this Monogram classic Herbie VW Beetle would be one of them. It turned out to be one of the best.

The nose or, in this case, the head, is the main reason. I had already robbed the kit of it's floorboard, but the rest of the kit and the trunk remained. All I had to do is build a box into it. The other major departure from my usual technique was angling the top portion down instead of positoning it in line with the rest. The resulting helmet-look is surprisingly fetching. About the only other component of note is that I managed to use the bucket seats - As engine mounts. Well, and the axle ends on top griping the headlight lenses for a mini-Mouseketeer look.

Paint is European Dark Green, completely disguised beneath Pale Green. Markings are the last of that style from my yellow Archer Fine Transfers dry transfers.

Dimensions: 5.5x3.5x2.5 inches