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This is my version of Jochen Ortmann's little thing kitbash. A couple of years ago I enjoyed building a rendition of his Defence speederbike kitbash (lots more pictures of it here). This time I was inspired by the tiny ship sitting on the base of this unfinished ship. His was tank parts and Tie Droid wings around a plastic bug. Mine was built on a tiny "Starblazers" Desslock Command Ship flanked by parts from one of those Czech Andromeda models. On the whole, I have to say I like his better. His, completely kit-bashed, has an immediacy and a vibrancy in the spirit of Battlestar: Galactica and Star Wars, that I rarely get in my fabrications, which is why I find his so appealing. And, of course, what we can all take away from Jochen's ship is the advice, "Use those parts. Don't save them for a ship you may never build."

Dimensions: 7x4.5x1 inches.