K'Siegii Ship-killer

Reluctant to build huge shipyards and devote considerable resources to constructing large ships which, for all their power, could still be destroyed by a few small ships, instead fielded those small ships. Analagous to WWII PT-boats and Earthforce heavy-bombers, the three-man crewed ships-killers depended on numbers and maneuverability when attacking capital ships.

This is a good ship. I don't often say that, but this one really is. What makes it a good ship is that it is an interesting design. There's levels and shapes, and contrast, both in texture and color. What I also like about it is that it practically fell together - very little raw plastic stock or modification of parts.

Again inspired by Jochen Ortmann's little thing kitbash, this ship was constructed of: a droid-fighter thickened with plasticard; the tail of a 1/100th scale Russian SU-27 fighter-bomber; the transmission of a 1/32 scale caterpiller; and a 1/72 B-52 engine. Here's the components, both before assembly and after, and after detailing. It's painted in Model Master enamels, Armor Sand and Olive Drab. Fabulous alien decals by John Lester and JTGraphics. Weathered with black acrylic Deka Perm Air, a "Ready to use airbrush paint for natural and synthetic fabrics" diluted with an equal amount of water. Light-gray drybrush.

What's in a name?

"K'Siegii" is because the decals look like the letters K, C, and G. I guess I could have written it Casey G, but that would make it a human name and not suitable for alien writting. Besides, "Casey G" is silly for anything, including a mythical brother to an instrumentalist.

Dimensions: 8x5x2 inches.

kcg front2 - 231KB
kcg side - 129KB
kcg top - 209KB
kcg aft - 294KB
Components - 70KB
Mockup - 17KB
Nude - 24KB
Nude again - 23KB
Black top - 45KB
Black side - 30KB
Bottom - 70KB
kcg bottom2 - 205KB

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