Fralthi Battleship

Once upon a time I created the masters for several Ravenstar ships and started the master for a huge star-destroyeresque cruiser patterned after the Fralthi ship from my then favorite game, Wing Commander. I had built one earlier - It was eventually remodeled last year. I'd built a somewhat simliar one in 1999 and was sure lots of people would pay big bucks for a considerable poundage of resin. Or, maybe not. Anyway, I got this far and abandoned it.

Then a college student in Ohio saw last year's Fralthi and asked if he could borrow a couple of ships for a class project, The Torellian Stone. I got together some pictures and posted them and he liked the Fralthi right off. So I started finishing-out the master I'd started years before.

It was to be an alien battleship in a scene with less than ten seconds of film time. The brief screentime and general comic tone of the film determined the use of obvious turrets. The curved wings needed an excuse to be there so I put main-guns at their ends. The short winglets at the base of the arrow-head I really didn't want to get rid of so I put missile packs at their ends. The paint scheme was inspired by a picture of G'Kar wearing a purple and olive outfit. The alien writing custom decals were made by JBot. Drybrushing insured high visibility on film.

Dimensions: 18x14x5 inches.

Third place, Category 602, Scalefest '06. Another picture. And another.

fralthi top2 - 107KB
fralthi side2 - 48KB
fralthi aft2 - 47KB
fralthi top4 - 68KB
fralthi bottom nose - 64KB
fralthi bow top - 77KB
Bottom - 91KB

Top - 91KB

Another top - 74KB

And again - 68KB

Main parts - 57kb

Nude - 69kb

Nude aft - 79kb

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