USC Fighter

This little jewel started-off as a desire to build a small affordable ship utilizing a broken shower knob. The JKRANK Interceptor was fun, so I thought to go sideways from there, utilizing a fairly standard and straight-forward design and depending on detailing and paint to make it interesting. I was also trying to use whatever parts I found, instead of looking for parts in order to build a ship unlike my normal style. To my mind, either strategy works, though the next ship looks better for it. Still, my favorite parts on this ship which I'll have to try and use again someplace are the "blinders" flanking the domes in front.

The colors and painting technique were the same as the JKRANK - Basecoat of dark green, dry-brushing of light green, air-brushed Future Floor Wax, decals, dry-brushing over the decals so that they'll look as worn as the ship, then clear flat. The decals were some more of John Lester's fabulous alien writing. I like to do some dry-brushing before the decals as it makes the prior coat of flat paint somewhat shiny by itself.

3/4 Side - 29kb
Ventral - 36kb
Bow - 20kb
usc_top_sm.jpg - 29kb
Starboard - 22kb
Aft - 27kb

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