Adroit-Class Shuttle

This started as an Orguss "M. Lover Maaie", only the body and shoulders, one of which I used to replace the absent canopy. Some other mech donated the engine fairings. With the wings it made for an interesting ship and, thanks to the lack of surface detail, an ideal one for a paint scheme that requires masking. The Krylon Sandable Primer was followed by the purple I used last year on the Liliaceace Tigrinum (pronounced "tiger lily"). In all it took only a foot or so of 1/8inch drafting tape to mask-off the purple so that I could spray on the other southwestern color, Floquil Light Green. The markings are custom-made dry transfers and various decals, including most of an airliner's windscreen. My first choice for a name was "Southwestern Thumb."

Front - 28kb
Side - 20kb
Top - 28kb

Nose - 16kb


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